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Addiction to Pinterest

The newest trend in the mommy world is definitely This website is beyond addicting and will occupy all of your time if you let it. So many mothers/women have been consumed by this website. I find my nights have been consumed with re-pinning items or drooling over the amazing recipes that I find here.

Any women that has been on this website gets consumed or overwhelmed with the amount of ideas and DIY projects that it has. I find that I have saved a lot of time, by following some of the pins that I have found on here. I not only have saved time, but money because there are pins that are full of information and tips/tricks.

Also, since I don’t necessarily have amazing cooking skills. I appreciate seeing all the shared recipes. I find it handy to be able to see what works best for those who struggle like me with making a yummy dinner, but still having enough time to manage everything else in the house.


Pinterest is definitely something that I would recommend to anyone.