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StyleFind-Search,Find,Love Review

I was recently introduced to an awesome website through The website is based on the InStyle Magazine. On this website they have trendy perfume, handbags, accessories, sunglasses,etc.  I absolutely adore the way the site is laid out. It is laid out in a way that can be easily navigated around. I love that they bring aspects of the InStyle magazine to the website itself. I also love that they have awesome deals and cheap prices on name brands such as Marc Jacobs, Dior, Chanel, etc. I would suggest this site to any trend setters out there. So if you know anyone that is looking for great deals on name brands don’t look any further than




Every Day is Unique in Every Single Way!!

These past couple days have been extremely unique. The one thing that they do have in common is that everyday I had to wake up extremely early.

The weather here is so unexpected. It goes from being gloomy to being extremely bright and breezy. At this point, everyone is looking forward to consist weather patterns of sunny days. As of late, the weather has been out of whack everywhere. There are some that might be believe that summer is going to be non existent. I am truly unsure of what I think. I know that this weather is fustrating and needs to start trending towards the sunny side of things everyday.

Since the weather does fluctuate quite a bit I have purchased some summer makeup. I believe that currently when it comes to makeup convenience is key. The easier it is to apply the product, the more satisfied the customer is. I recently was sent Cover Girl Shine Blast Lip gloss. This lip gloss is one of the best lip glosses on the market. The biggest selling factor for me normally is long wear and the overall glossy look, but not the gloss that is extremely sticky. This product is just the perfect consistency to get the job done. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a great new lip gloss. Also, the product comes in different colors.

Well this has been the most random post that I have had thus far, but I feel complete.

Joining the Ranks of the Cultured People that have Blogs!!!!

Warning:………If you are judgmental or just plain old nosy, I will give you the best disclaimer I can. I am human just like you so find something better to do with your time then critique or criticize my blog..

Soooo..Not only am I beyond excited about my new blog, but I am also excited about perfecting my writing skills by having this blog. I have decided that this blog will consist of various subjects from shopping deals to my every day life with my son and fiance.I only have one life to live so why not have a blog.

Well I will start off sharing a little bit about myself. I am the proud mother of the most amazing baby ever. He is currently 9 months going on 10 months in 2 weeks. He is full of happiness and has the greatest little personality. He  smiles and laughs at practically anything. If you ever need someone to put a smile on your face, My little man will gladly help and share his happiness. I never thought that having a child would be this rewarding , but it truly is.

My son is not the only person in my life that makes me so happy. My fiance adds to my everyday happiness. He is a blessing to Titus and I. He works extremely hard to provide for us, his family.  Like father like son they are both full of smiles and laughs. They make it hard for me to have a bad day. I appreciate him to pieces and am so glad that he is my life. I can’t wait to be married to my best friend.

Well, I think that might be enough sappiness for the day. I will come back tommorrow with a great fresh new blog….Maybe I will even have pictures to put up.