Tide Vivid White + Bright Detergent Review

Being a mother of an active three year old is a very tough feat. I would say one of the most important things that I have learned in the three years is something that is necessary for any new mom to know. It is extremely important that you use the correct product to remove stains from your children’s or spouses clothing. I don’t know about other mothers, but clothes these days are getting more expensive , but have have less quality and durability to them. I found out very quickly that sometimes it is worth it to invest in the quality detergents vs. the generic detergents. The quality detergents helped to save the color and quality of some of the cheapest quality clothes by removing the hardest stains. Tide Vivid White+Bright helps to make the whitest clothes white without having to use bleach and also helps to maintain the vibrant colors of colored clothing while removing stains.


I stumbled upon this awesome coupon on www.vocalpoint.com and wanted to share it with my readers because this is actually a product that I use and it works fantastically. The link for the coupon is here :http://t.co/WnYacs29.




I recently just joined a brand new website called www.influenster.com. This website puts together a strong community of different people from different demographics and ways of life to share their opinions on particular brands and products. Not only do you get to share your opinions, but in certain instances they will select certain subscribers to actually participate in trailing different products. The selection they make  is based on your Influenster status, your social interaction on the website ,and on other social media websites. Like I mentioned previously, I am brand new to this website and will give a better overview of the website as soon as I divulge into it a little bit more. I will be writing a follow-up review that shows my own unique opinion of the website. If you would like to be referred to this website please leave a comment with your email address and I will gladly send you a referral link.





Mommy Blogs

Lately, I have been noticing that there are so many bloggers out there. I started this blog just to enjoy myself and write because I find it to be a good form of release. I have noticed that there are so many young and old mothers out there that are successful at writing posts and establishing a great fan base through blogging.

Sometimes I wish I had the discipline to successful blog about my everyday interactions with my toddler, review items that I purchased and share awesome deals, but I am not as disciplined as these other mothers.

One thing that I am going to attempt is to write a post a week. The post might be about something that I have reviewed or just about life in general. I guess you have to start with discipline somewhere. I hoping that I can stick to this plan and successfully post at least once a week.

With all that being said, I hope that the little followers that I currently have can help me to be accountable.

Don’t You Like the Look of My Baby Lips and Lots Of Lashes

I can not express how excited I am to me a part of a thriving company that helps bring advertising to another level. I have been a BZZagent for over 2 years. BZZagent (www.bzzagent.com) is a Word-Of-Mouth Advertising company. They help small and large companies advertise through word of mouth. This means that they allow their members to sample the products and then tell their friends and family.

I was privileged enough to be able to sample the Chap stick By Maybelline called BABY LIPS and the new LOTS OF LASHES Mascara. I not much of a mascara person so I made a pact that I would attempt to wear it everyday. This mascara is awesome. It is not clumpy at all and it makes my lashes look long and pronounced. If you are in the market for a new mascara I would definitely recommend this.

Having soft lips is one of my addictions. I feel like I have so many different types of chap sticks and lip glosses. It is actually pretty crazy, but I enjoy having soft glossy lips. The Baby Lips chap stick is seriously a long lasting solution. It keeps your lips soft for hours on end. It is not the type of chap stick that you have to keep reapplying. Definitely a great long lasting solution.

StyleFind-Search,Find,Love Review

I was recently introduced to an awesome website through BzzAgent.com. The website is based on the InStyle Magazine. On this website they have trendy perfume, handbags, accessories, sunglasses,etc.  I absolutely adore the way the site is laid out. It is laid out in a way that can be easily navigated around. I love that they bring aspects of the InStyle magazine to the website itself. I also love that they have awesome deals and cheap prices on name brands such as Marc Jacobs, Dior, Chanel, etc. I would suggest this site to any trend setters out there. So if you know anyone that is looking for great deals on name brands don’t look any further than StyleFind.com.



Covergirl Lip Perfection Review

I recently received a package from BZZagent.  BzzAgent is a great website that promotes word of mouth marketing. I have been a member for this site for over a year and a half.Whenever I receive one of these packages  from Bzzagent it makes me excited to figure out what is inside. Most of the time, I have an idea of what they are going to be sending me.

In this package, I received 2 sticks of Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick. I received two different colors one was Divine, which is similar to a hot pink, and Hypnotic, which is similar to a nude/brownish color. The hot pink was a tad to bright for my taste. I am not into flashy make up at all, but the Hypnotic color was my absolute favorite. This shade is a very natural shade for me so it is easy for me to use it for everyday wear.  I love pairing it with some lip gloss when I go out. It dresses up the color of the lipstick just a little.

Not only is the shade of this lipstick phenomenal , but the lipstick is long-lasting. It lasts for over 8 hours without having to be reapplied. I would  recommend this lipstick to anyone who is looking for a long wearing vibrant lipstick.

Canon EOS T1i

This is probably the most expensive gift that I have ever given myself. Not only was it spontaneous , but it was also one of my “if only” things that I have been working towards. Titus decided that he would go through my purse last Wednesday and  break my other digital camera.  As soon as I realized that it looked broken. I started looking for a new camera. Of course, I just couldn’t get a normal camera. I have always wanted a DSLR ,but just did not have the money for it. Photography is one of my hobbies and I absolutely love taking pictures of everything and anything.

The camera that I decided to go with was the Canon EOS T1i. This camera is not the top of the line DSLR, but it is also not at the bottom of the barrel. It is a great in between camera. The older digital camera that I had was 12 megapixel camera, this DSLR is a 15 megapixel camera. I can not express how excited I am to finally get my hands on a semi-professional camera…..wooo hooo. I can finally maybe have a part time job/hobby by taking pictures for photos senior pictures/any event..

On another note, My vacation has been amazing. I have been able to spend quality time with son. We have been to the park, beach and shopping. I think I definitely needed a break from work for a little bit. Sometimes I feel a little overworked, but eh I enjoy it. I can’t stand not doing anything. I need to keep busy all the time.

Here are some of the pictures that I recently took since I got the new camera.

Every Day is Unique in Every Single Way!!

These past couple days have been extremely unique. The one thing that they do have in common is that everyday I had to wake up extremely early.

The weather here is so unexpected. It goes from being gloomy to being extremely bright and breezy. At this point, everyone is looking forward to consist weather patterns of sunny days. As of late, the weather has been out of whack everywhere. There are some that might be believe that summer is going to be non existent. I am truly unsure of what I think. I know that this weather is fustrating and needs to start trending towards the sunny side of things everyday.

Since the weather does fluctuate quite a bit I have purchased some summer makeup. I believe that currently when it comes to makeup convenience is key. The easier it is to apply the product, the more satisfied the customer is. I recently was sent Cover Girl Shine Blast Lip gloss. This lip gloss is one of the best lip glosses on the market. The biggest selling factor for me normally is long wear and the overall glossy look, but not the gloss that is extremely sticky. This product is just the perfect consistency to get the job done. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a great new lip gloss. Also, the product comes in different colors.

Well this has been the most random post that I have had thus far, but I feel complete.

Joining the Ranks of the Cultured People that have Blogs!!!!

Warning:………If you are judgmental or just plain old nosy, I will give you the best disclaimer I can. I am human just like you so find something better to do with your time then critique or criticize my blog..

Soooo..Not only am I beyond excited about my new blog, but I am also excited about perfecting my writing skills by having this blog. I have decided that this blog will consist of various subjects from shopping deals to my every day life with my son and fiance.I only have one life to live so why not have a blog.

Well I will start off sharing a little bit about myself. I am the proud mother of the most amazing baby ever. He is currently 9 months going on 10 months in 2 weeks. He is full of happiness and has the greatest little personality. He  smiles and laughs at practically anything. If you ever need someone to put a smile on your face, My little man will gladly help and share his happiness. I never thought that having a child would be this rewarding , but it truly is.

My son is not the only person in my life that makes me so happy. My fiance adds to my everyday happiness. He is a blessing to Titus and I. He works extremely hard to provide for us, his family.  Like father like son they are both full of smiles and laughs. They make it hard for me to have a bad day. I appreciate him to pieces and am so glad that he is my life. I can’t wait to be married to my best friend.

Well, I think that might be enough sappiness for the day. I will come back tommorrow with a great fresh new blog….Maybe I will even have pictures to put up.