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You Would Think

You would think….. that since I have been on bed rest that I would have plenty of time to update to my blog.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, bed rest is extremely tough with a toddler. I am glad that I don’t have to worry about over working myself at work, but I also am thrilled to have some time in between the naps that sometimes don’t exist to prepare for the baby. It’s hard to believe that the last time I was pregnant I was so organized and had everything prepared months ahead. This pregnancy I have been such a procrastinator. If I wasn’t put on bed rest, I would be so behind


You would think that I would be more prepared the second time around…..

In reference to being prepared, It is crazy to think how much of an uproar Hurricane Sandy has brought to the East Coast. It’s crazy how the weather can create pure panic and shock. I attempted to do some last-minute shopping, but for the baby, not the storm. I feel like if you live in New England you should always be prepared for the unexpected. We get storms all the time; It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer. I was shocked with how many people had carts full of food, water, and other random necessities. I feel like the retail giants love when people overreact because that is when they make the most money. The amount of money that has been spent this past weekend is probably absurd.

The news is amping this storm up to be an outrageous amounts of winds and rain. The difference between this years supposed storm and last years storm was last year we had leaves on the trees still. We might be in luck since most of the leaves have fallen or are at least in the process of falling. The heaviness from the leaves made last years storm worst than it was because the trees had to handles, leaves, snow, and sleet. The only thing that we , New Englanders, can do is just hope that all the hype is for a small storm that we have already been through a million times.


You would think that I would be wishing to have the baby during this storm……
Many people have insinuated that it would be so cool to have a baby during a storm. Personally, I am ready for the baby to be here, but I wouldn’t mind if it was a nice day. More babies come during storms because of the panic and anxiety that mothers put themselves through. I would appreciate it if my fiance didn’t have to work and could just spend one day with me before the baby comes, but the chances of work being canceled are slim to none. In the end, I am praying and hoping that the baby is here by the end of this week. I would love to meet my new bundle of joy.


Monthly Sample Boxes..

I just came across this awesome blog. I am posting from my Iphone at the moment so cannot link yet to the other mommy blog. In the blog she was going over a couple different websites that offer sample boxes each month for a subscription cost. I think the idea is great for makeup/beauty fanatics such as myself to try out a sample of high end products before purchasing the real deal. Seems like something that would interest many moms that are on a budget by trying new products.

Signature Moms

By: Kristen Clifford

The other night at our Mommy Blogger dinner, someone asked me about the bright blue nail polish I was wearing.

I explained that I had gotten it in my monthly BirchBox, which led to lots of questions about the service. I figured I would share this info on the blog, in case there were others out there who did not know about this amazing service!

For only $10 a month, you get hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples delivered to your door. I love playing around with beauty supplies, but I hate spending money without knowing whether or not I’ll like the product. But BirchBox solves that problem! You get to test the latest products without having to pay the full price. I NEVER splurge on beauty supplies, so I figure that if I spend only $10 a month and get to sample a bunch of high-end beauty…

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