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Cottonelle Clean Crew Review

Cottonelle Toilet paper and flushing wipes might seem like a boring thing to review, but to a pregnant mother of a toddler and preschooler it is important. In the past 9 months, the bathroom has come to be one of my main living spaces. If you have ever been pregnant or been a mom of a potty trained preschooler,you know exactly why these products were the best things for me to sample.

I was extremely excited to tell my son about the awesome flushable wipes I received. As soon as he saw the product above the toilet, he asked what that box was. I told him that they were “Wipes for big boys”! He was so excited that I had finally gotten something he could try. I would say for a preschooler he has to be Cottonelle’s biggest and youngest fan. This product made it so easy for my son to stay fresh and clean after doing his duty on the toilet. The wipes are very durable and flushable which makes it #toddlerapproved and #momapproved. I also loved that they offered a small portable pack for me to put in my purse. This helped prevent messy accidents on the go.

The Clean Care toilet paper they sent had to be my favorite. No one like to wipe their butt with paper thin, sandpaper like toilet paper. I would have to say when I think of toilet paper. I want it to be fluffy, durable, and soft. Cottonelle Clean care toilet paper was all that and more. I loved how soft it was and the fact that is was durable. I would recommend both of these products to any moms or anyone that likes feeling fresh and clean after using the bathroom.